Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Attend With My Child?

All children attending Gymbaroo must be accompanied by and adult be it a parent/ grandparent, nanny or any other nominated carer, grandparents/partners are also most welcome to come along with carer and observe.

Can I Make Up Missed Classes?

Makeup classes are available if you miss a class, but they must be taken during the same term, and you MUST call and notify staff, as the makeup class you choose may be full.

What Should We Wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing for both of you, (for the girls, pants & tops are better than skirts), for babies bring along a bunny rug, and wherever possible do not dress your baby in a full suit (to maximise baby massage activity).

How long is a Class?

Classes are 45 minutes in duration, except for pre-schooler/school readiness programs which are 1 hour.

What Footwear Should We Wear?

Children need bare feet so that they can experience the activities through the senses. Children gain a lot of information through their feet. Bare Feet assist grip on the equipment. Parents also need to remove shoes (can keep socks on) so that we can keep the equipment and floor clean for the children.

Safety Note: Wooden floors can become very slippery when wearing socks. Adults in socks should take due care. Our wooden equipment can also be hard to grip in socks, so if you require you child to wear socks please make sure they are the non-slip variety (rubber pads on base).

Can I bring an older/younger sibling along?

It is preferable not to, however if this is not practical,siblings are welcomed, but as they are not insured, they are not allowed on gym equipment.

What if my Child is unco-operative whilst at Gymbaroo?

It is important for every child to have their own Gymbaroo experience, therefore you need to put your own expectations aside.

Try These Hints:

  • Let your child finish and activity before encouraging something else.
  • If they need a cuddle, and just want to watch for a while, that’s OK.
  • Do not worry if your child has his/her own way of doing each activity.

Can I Take Photos?

Gymbaroo respects all members privacy and we do not permit photos to be taken while any class is in progress. If you wish to take a photo of your child, please arrange it with a staff member who will allow you to do so after class when no other children or carers are present.

Do You Offer Casual/Drop-In Classes?

No. We have found that casual classes do not permit us to maintain the correct class sizes and babies and children attending infrequently are understandably less settled in class and derive less benefit.