Possums (3 Years – 4 Years)

This programme is significantly different to the 2-3 year old programme.

What is Happening Developmentally
During this age, our Possums are starting to consolidate all the previously learned skills and fine tuning them to enhance their early preschool experience.

As their control over all muscle groups is strengthened and fine tuned, they can start concentrating on their language skills. Their ball skills are far better and their hand/eye coordination is more focused.

This age group is about making sure that the brain integration (lateralisation) is complete, that all the motor skills are available in the automatic system of the body, leaving the brain free for thinking and moving. Without these things in place, intelligent children can have trouble learning at school.

Class Focus & Course Highlights

  • Children are encouraged to participate in mat time by themselves, with the carer more in the background to aid the development of independence and confidence.
  • At equipment time there is now a circuit to follow with more challenging instructions for the children to follow.
  • We have a different routine (with perceptual motor programmes, auditory, visual and motor skills) which is better suited to this age group – increasing the concentration time and the complexity and number of instructions.
  • At this stage, the possums learn to work in groups, to line up and to follow the leader. The sessions include counting, memory activities and visual exercises.
  • Perceptual motor challenges are integrated into equipment time, requiring them to think and move at the same time.

> Cooperative games and advanced co-ordination skills extend this age group.